Have FUN!!!

Wink Murder

How to play:

Grab at least four friends and sit in a circle. Deal one playing card facedown for each person who is playing - one of the cards must be the ace of spades.

Each player looks at her card( without showing it ti anyone else). The person who has the ace of spades is the murderer.

The players silently sit, looking at eachother.The murderer kills the victim by winking at her when nobody notices. The player that was winked at must pretend to die. She must do anything that will make it clear to the others that she is dead.

If the murderer kills all the other players, she wins.If someone correctly
accuses her of being the murderer before everyone is dead, then the murderer loses.

Flour Tower Game

You Will Need:

  • a shallow bowl
  • flour
  • a spoon
  • a cutting board or breadboard
  • a piece of candy

    Grab two or more players and fill the bowl completely with flour, carefully patting and flattening any bumpy surfaces. Then, put the cutting board or breadboard on top of the bowl and slowly flip them up-side down. Next, carefully lift the bowl so that you're left with a bowl-shaped looking flour on top of the cutting board or breadboard. Place a piece of candy on top of the flour dome. Each player takes turns scooping flour away with the spoon without disturbing the piece of candy. The player who makes the flour collapse and the piece of candy to fall loses, and as her punishment, she must pick the candy from the flour with only her teeth - no hands allowed!