If you want to plan the perfect party, we have some helpful tips and things you might include in your fabulous party.

You'll need...

1. Invitations
* Tip - Try making them instead of buying them.
2. Decorations
* Tip - Baloons, banners, confetti, etc. work perfectly.
3. Food
* Tip - Talk about a party without any yummy goodies to munch on!
4. Table Accesories
* Tip - Don't forget the centerpiece!
5. Music
* Tip - Think of a beat that you and your guests can sing or dance along to.
6. Games
* Tip - Click "Games"  at your left to find fun exciting games and how to play.
7. Your BFFs!!!

You might want to include...

1. Pinata
* Tip - No one would mind a fun candy shower!
2. Movie
* Tip - What about some popcorn?
3. Treat bags
* Tip - Nothing ends a good party without a few souveneirs!

LET'S GET THE PARTY STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!