Talking Style

1. When someone else speaks for a long time, you...

a. think about what you'll say.
b. drift off.
c. interrupt.
d. listen closely.

2. When you're on the phone, what do you do?
a. IM friends.
b. Watch TV or play video games.
c. Do chores.
d. Give the other person you're full attention.

3. When you talk to someone, what's you're body language like?
a. You play with your hair.
b. You don't always make direct eye contact.
c. You touch the other person.
d. check for signs that he or she understands you.

4. When someone makes a statement that you disagree with, you...
a. let the person know immediately.
b. walk away
c. ask questions to make sure you understand
d. say, "I'm not sure about that. I have to think it over."

5. If you go into a room where you don't know anyone, you...
a. find someone to talk to.
b. sit quietly.
c. find an approachabble-looking person and ask a question.
d. stand close to people who are listening to someone talk.

What type of talker are you?

What Your Quiz Answers Mean

More Than 2 A's? You're a Gabby Girl.
You're friendly and outgoing. On the downside, your friends don't always feel heard.

More Than 2 B's? You're a Sweet Silent Type.
Even if you are inclined to be quiet, you show others how friendly and interested you really are.

More Than 2 C's? You're a Happy Talker.
You listen when others talk and then follow up with comments that show you're interested.

More Than 2 D's? You're a Lovable Listener.
That's good! Everybody loves you and you know when to speak up.

Combo? Depends on the day.
That's okay. Chances are that your talking style depends on your mood that day.

 Now that you have taken this quiz, it's your friends' turn!!! :)